Wimbledon Park Residents Association

Newsletter delivery volunteers wanted

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We have an army of volunteers who deliver our newsletter to homes throughout the Wimbledon Park area, to whom we are very grateful. However, there are a few streets where we could do with a little help.

So, if you live in or around Havelock Road, Kingsley Road or Kohat Road and could spare an hour or so just three times a year to deliver our newsletter, please get in touch.

We are also trying to reach an increased number of streets in the ward, including Pitt Crescent, Ashcombe Road and Gap Road, to keep in touch with even more local residents. So if you live in or near any of these areas, again: please let us know if you could help post newsletters through doors.

We will deliver a bundle of newsletters to your home and let you know which streets require deliveries. It’s a simple, exercise-friendly way to help your local community! Sounds good? Please contact Pamela Healy on email pam.2015@outlook.com to find out more and offer your help.