Wimbledon Park Residents Association

April Crime Figures for Wimbledon Park

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Wimbledon Park

Allegation Method Address Date and time from Date and time to
Burglary – Residential Suspect has apparently gone in through open kitchen window, removed TV, and left via the same window. DURNSFORD ROAD 25/03/2018 06:00
Burglary – Residential By suspects unknown taking the property shown from the door step of the venue and made good their escape in direction unknown HAYDON PARK ROAD 06/04/2018 05:00 06/04/2018 08:30
Burglary – Residential Burglary suspects have entered unattended property using  a key. HAYDONS ROAD 06/04/2018 06:00 06/04/2018 17:30
Other Criminal Damage Travellers damage property at location gaining entry to site WEIR ROAD 22/03/2018 09:30 22/03/2018 10:00
Other Criminal Damage Suspect has damaged the cash machine at venue by inserting a metal strip DURNSFORD ROAD 14/04/2018 13:50
Other Theft Computer screen which had been lent to a friend has been stolen from the flat the friend is renting. LEOPOLD ROAD 13/04/2018 09:00
Other Theft Person unknown is suspected of using a skimming device and stealing around thousand of pounds from unknown victim. DURNSFORD ROAD 01/04/2018 00:12
Other Theft By person unknown taking victims property as shown from the mail room that only residents have access to between the dates shown PLOUGH LANE 10/04/2018 00:01 12/04/2018 17:15
Other Theft Unknown suspect steals letters/post from post box outside block of flats ARTHUR ROAD 16/04/2018 13:00
Theft From M/V Victims number plates have been stolen from his vehicle. PITT CRESCENT 28/03/2018 00:01 01/04/2018 17:09
Theft From M/V By suspect unknown entering the victims vehicle by unknown means and stealing property from within before making off. LEOPOLD ROAD 31/03/2018 23:00 01/04/2018 12:00
Theft From M/V By unknown suspect (S) entered a motor vehicle by means unknown removed said property before decamping LAMBOURNE AVENUE 02/04/2018 01:00 02/04/2018 06:00
Theft From M/V By suspect unknown taking property from vehicle without knowledge or permission. WALDEMAR ROAD 16/04/2018 13:30 16/04/2018 14:30
Theft From M/V By suspects unknown stealing victims cycle from his vehicle by method unknown at location shown HAVELOCK ROAD 23/04/2018 00:01 23/04/2018 08:00
Theft/Taking of M/V By suspect(s) unknown taking the owners moped without consent, causing damage to the front and rear of the bike. HOME PARK ROAD 05/04/2018 00:01
Theft/Taking of M/V By suspect/s unknown removing vehicle from staff car park without permission PLOUGH LANE 12/04/2018 11:00 12/04/2018 18:55
Theft/Taking of M/V Victim’s vehicle stolen form near his home address MELROSE AVENUE 08/04/2018 16:00 13/04/2018 15:00
Theft/Taking of M/V By person(s) unknown stealing victims motor vehicle which had been left parked, secure and unattended outside the venue. ASHEN GROVE 12/04/2018 21:00 13/04/2018 17:50
Theft/Taking of M/V Theft of motor vehicle by suspect and method unknown. HAVELOCK ROAD 14/04/2018 20:39
Theft/Taking of Pedal Cycles Theft of cycle DURNSFORD ROAD 03/04/2018 17:45 03/04/2018 19:15