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Article on 5G, reproduced from the Winter 2018 newsletter.

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What you didn’t know about 5G

Following on from my last article about 5G, Merton Council has finally answered my inquiry after many attempts to find out the facts behind their proposed ‘upgrade’ of Merton’s wireless communication systems as follows:  The Council will comply with all relevant public health and safety legislation and regulation. We have a contract with Arquiva that allows for the installation of 5G technology.”

 This confirms my fears that Merton residents will soon be affected by a huge increase in electromagnetic pollution wherever they live and will experience similar health effects to those reported in the US. My friend in Jacksonville/Florida just emailed me that 5G has been rolled out in her town and causes extreme sweating.

This latest report re the effect of 5G on wildlife also raises many questions:  https://www.healthnutnews.com/hundreds-of-birds-dead-during-5g-experiment-in-the-hague-the-netherlands/

 If people reading this are still not convinced that 5G is a massive experiment without any previous testing they should check out

https://www.5gspaceappeal.org/the-appeal/ for scientific evidence.

To allow such a new, highly questionable technology onto the market without prior testing for safety is against our Human Rights and raises big questions regarding the competence of ‘Public Health England’ who constantly raise alarm about the dangerous effects of sugar, fat and alcohol consumption on our health whilst willfully neglecting the biggest threat to human health – the Elephant in the Room: `Nonionizing Radiation’.

Unfortunately ‘Public Health England’, when questioned about prior research of new technologies regarding safety legislation and regulation (as referred to by Merton Council) has ‘always’ responded in the same way stating that:

“PHE is committed to monitoring the evidence applicable to this and other radio technologies, and to revising its advice, should that be necessary.”

That’s surprising as PHE obviously did not find it necessary to ‘update’ their advice after the publication years ago of the almost 2000 scientific papers in the ‘Bio-Initiative Report’ presented by eminent Scientists in this field. They also state:

“PHE does not hold information about practices in the insurance industry.”

So is PHE still ignorant of the fact that the Insurance Industry now sees Electromagnetic Radiation as an ‘Emerging Threat’ and therefore offers no cover? Really??

The big question here is whether PHE has become unreliable due to influence of Mega-Corporate interests.

Should PHE not be aware and have the office research capability to be aware that overwhelming evidence exists that Radiofrequency Microwave radiation from cell phone masts, TETRA installations, Wi-Fi. Smart meters and now from the proposed 5G deployments – all generate reproductive system degradation. The evidence for this has been thoroughly set out by medical and scientific experts, for example by Dr Sarah Starkey in her submission to Parliament of December 2017 –


I also draw to your attention a comprehensive testimony by Dr M Pall – see https://www.emfacts.com/2018/08/martin-palls-book-on-5g-is-available-online/ where we read that 5G inundation is likely to cause acceleration and magnification of diseases and degradation of all human (+ natural biological systems) so that, for example, “We may have a gigantic epidemic of spontaneous abortion due to the teratogenic effects. Another possibility is that instead of autism being one birth in 38, however horrendous that is, it could be one out of two, or even a majority of births.”

If all this is too much info for the lay person to digest I suggest spending 9 minutes listening to Dr Pall summarizing the crisis which Britain + and world have slumbered into:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kBsUWbUB6PE&feature=share

Ingrid Pastl-Dickenson BRCP EMR

Bio-Electromagnetic Research Initiative