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Results of the Front Garden Awards 2017

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Wimbledon Park Residents Association

Front Garden Awards

Summer 2017

 We are pleased to announce our annual Awards for attractive Front Gardens in Wimbledon Park.  A team of local residents looked at the eligible* gardens visible from the street to nominate their favourites.  From these, a panel of four judges arrived at the following decisions.

 Overall winner of the John Uden Cup and

Best All-Year Interest Garden:

36 Ravensbury Road

36 Ravensbury Rd

This little gem has been beautifully landscaped, with a traditional tiled path to the front door, grey stepping stones and gravel between the front borders, and a smart wooden fence and bin store, painted grey. The plants are well suited to the north aspect of the garden, and the restful colour scheme is restricted to green, cream and white, with touches of blue and purple. Shrubs include box, camellia, pieris, daphne and hydrangea, as well as two purple cut-leaf acer specimens in pots. Filling out the lower levels are ferns, variegated hostas, lobelias and grasses. The narrow border to the left of the path has a choice selection of heucheras in varying shades of green, gold and purple, interspersed with more grasses.  A climbing white rose at the porch completes the picture.

Best Summer Interest Garden:

93 Kenilworth Avenue

 93 Kenilworth Ave

The clean lines of this recently re-designed garden give a sense of space, with elegant wrought-iron railings on the right-hand side, and topping the front and left boundary walls . Grey slate paving forms a central rectangle, while a small bed cut into its centre has been planted with an ornamental cherry and a lavender at its base. Traditional black-and-white tiles define the path and porch floor, and the attractive wooden frame of the porch gives support to a wisteria. A standard olive in a pot sits to the left of the porch entrance.

The eye is drawn to the bay windows with generously filled window boxes, in which box balls are inter-planted with pelargoniums, lobelias and billowing blooms of petunias in shades of mauve and pink. The bed below has a mix of box topiary, trachelospermum jasminoides, hydrangeas, lavenders, dahlias, pelargoniums and lobelias. The beds inside the boundary walls are planted with alternating bay standards, lavender and trachelospermum, providing all-year structure.


Best Environmentally Sustainable Garden

16 Dawlish Avenue

 16 Dawlish Ave

An expanse of concrete has been transformed into a productive and ornamental garden by means of raised beds and planters created from recycled materials. Even a wooden wheelbarrow and zinc bath have been requisitioned as plant containers. An ornamental bird bath sits on a layer of crushed stone in the centre of the garden.

The edible crops include herbs, salads, brassicas, chard, courgettes, sweet corn, runner beans, potatoes, raspberries and strawberries. Behind the lavender hedge on the front boundary the bed of salads has a protective copper barrier to deter slugs and snails, whilst a border of marigolds demonstrates another aspect of non-chemical pest control. Together with some of the herbs and vegetables, floral interest is provided by hydrangeas, roses, lavender, pansies, and lobelias.  The overall effect is both orderly and attractive.