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Results of the Front Garden Awards 2018

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 Front Garden Awards

Summer 2018

 We are pleased to announce our annual Awards for attractive Front Gardens in Wimbledon Park.  A team of local residents looked at the eligible* gardens visible from the street to nominate their favourites.  From these, a panel of four judges arrived at the following decisions.

Overall winner of the John Uden Cup and

Best Summer Interest Garden:

95 Revelstoke Road Road

Revelstoke 95 A

It was a delight to happen upon this cheerful little garden, which used the limited dappled sunlight to good advantage.  It was in contrast to most gardens in the street, in which few others coped with the challenging north-facing aspect.

Planted inside the low front wall was an informal hedge of blue-and-white lace-cap hydrangeas in full bloom, while a row of tall fuschias bounded the front path to the right. Easily visible behind the hydrangeas was a mixed planting of perennials and annuals, including spirea, lavender, fuschia, alchemilla mollis, daisies and ferns.  The gradation of heights provided an attractive view from both the house and the street.  Window boxes were filled with geraniums, whilst matching containers under the bay window were planted with a mix of small conifers, petunias, lobelias and geraniums.


Best All-year Interest Garden:

67 Normanton Avenue

Normanton 67 A

The immediate impression given by this garden was of calming formality, created by the dominance of green foliage and limited splashes of colour.  The black-and-white tiled path to the front door was bounded on the right by an overhanging cherry tree and a mix of shrubs, climbers and perennials in a narrow border.  These included clematis, climbing roses, hydrangea, pyracantha and euonymous.  On the opposite boundary was a clipped hedge, while the low hedge at the front added to the sense of enclosure.

To the left of the path was a central array of clipped box topiary, set in a mulch of grey slate.  The borders of this area were planted with lime green heucheras, interspersed with variegated foliage plants and verbena bonariensis, with its clusters of tiny purple flowers on tall stems.  Bronze-leaved heucheras provided accent planting in the slate cover.  Immediately to the left of the front porch was a tall red rose to match the front door.  Planters on the window sills and at the porch entrance contained summer bedding and hostas.  The finishing touch was a wall-mounted pair of miniature hostas in the porch.


Best Container Garden

5 Strathmore Road

Strathearn 5 F

An eye-catching array of well-filled containers was displayed on the window sill, along the narrow stretch of paving fronting the house, and hanging from the boundary railings. Architectural metal frames supported two varieties of clematis, whilst other pots were planted with a rose, lavender, pieris, fuschia, sea holly, hosta, geraniums, lobelias, petunia, jacobs ladder and sedum.  A pot on the balcony was filled with brightly-coloured petunias.  Tucked in a recess of the bay window were two water butts.  Inside the enclosed porch a selection of mini succulents, impatiens, scented geraniums and colourful petunias were displayed on a set of shelves and a table.

The overall effect was colourful, well-balanced and uncluttered.


Best Environmentally Sustainable Garden

11 Lucien Road

 Lucien 11 I

A rich mix of planting filled this informal garden, providing colour and interest, as well as food and cover for a variety of wildlife.  The flowering plants offered nectar and seeds for insects and birds, whilst the underlying ground cover afforded refuge for invertebrates and assisted water retention.

Standing tall were cardoons, evening primroses, red hot pokers, mullein and fennel, whilst a trellis supported a pyracantha against the house wall.  The middle level of planting was filled with roses, hydrangeas, spirea, japanese quince, crocosmia, michaelmas daisies, wall flowers and others.  Prostrate plants included a miniature pine, heathers and silvery ‘lambs ears’.


Highly commended gardens

 St Luke’s Church, Ryfold Road

The Patio, 397 Durnsford Road


 We would welcome more people to get involved with the judging, so if you are interested and are willing to spare a few hours of your time next summer, please get in touch.

Contact Jill Farmer

Tel: 020 8947 6572; email: jill.y.farmer@gmail.com


The gardens of WPRA Committee Members, Ward Councillors, and those involved in the garden judging were not eligible for the Awards.