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Wimbledon Park Safer Neighbourhoods team

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The Wimbledon Park Safer Neighbourhoods team is your dedicated police team. We focus on local issues in partnership with other agencies to deal with our priorities. The team currently has priorities of burglary, vehicle crime and anti-social behaviour (ASB). These are set after consultation with the Wimbledon Park ward panel. We meet four times each year and discuss crime and other local matters.

Contacting police – new non-emergency number 101

It has never been easier to report a crime or make the police aware of any suspicious activity in your local neighbourhood. As well as the “999” number, which should always be used if you require an immediate police response, you can    contact us on “101”. Generally speaking, if it’s happening now telephone “999” and if it’s happened and there is no need for an immediate police response then use the “101” number. Whichever number you use your call will be prioritised and you will be given some indication as to how and when the police will respond.    Alternatively, you can contact the Wimbledon Park Safer Neighbourhood Team on 0208 721 2452 or email us at wimbledonpark.snt@met.police.uk . Please note that your SNT is not available 24 hours a day 7 days a week. You can contact Wimbledon Police Station directly on 0208 947 1212. In the case of an emergency always call 999.

Ward drop-in surgeries

The team is still required to make dates and times available for residents to come and see us. These are called ward surgeries. The dates and times are advertised on the team webpage which can be accessed via the Metropolitan Police official website then following the links to the neighbourhood teams. Select Merton, then Wimbledon Park. Of course we are always contactable when we are on duty and find that most people will either phone or e-mail us if they need advice orassistance.

Alleygate Schemes

Burglars and shed thieves will often look to gain entry to a property or garden at the rear where they will feel they are less likely to be seen by neighbours or    passers-by. Alleys provide excellent cover and easy access to and from the rear of a property. Closing off these alleys reduces the risk of burglary. An “Alleygate Scheme” may provide protection from unwanted visitors by gating off the alley access points. Access to the alleys can only be gained by keys issued to all those within the particular scheme. The London Borough of Merton may provide up to 50% of the cost of installation with the balance being funded by those residents within the scheme. The more residents opting in means the cost will be reduced. The support of most, if not all, of the residents is required before any work can  begin. If you are interested please contact the Wimbledon Park SNT on 0208 721 2452 or wimbledonpark.snt@met.police.uk. One of the team will meet with you and consider if you would benefit from the scheme.