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Stay safe tips for when you’re away

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Useful advice on keeping your home and property safe from Neighbourhood Watch Manager Sergeant Annette Anderson, which is equally applicable for weekends, as well as longer periods away:

  • Check that your building and contents insurance are up to date. Many householders fail to take out contents insurance because it is perceived to be too expensive or a waste of money. It is important. Neighbourhood Watch schemes usually can obtain a discount.
  • Fit plug-in time controls for lamps and light. Burglars are then uncertain if you are in or away.
  • Ask a neighbour, friend or family to close and open your curtains, or leave a vehicle parked in the drive at certain times of the day or night. Again this helps to give the impression that you are not away.
  • Use UV markers (available from me on request) to mark your valuable assets in the house.
  • Ensure that a friend or family member collects your mail and junk papers/ flyers on a regular basis. Uncollected mail often indicates that you are away on holiday or business.
  • Cancel the milk and papers.
  • If you are going away for any period of time notify neighbours, friends and family and provide a key for emergencies.
  • If you have an alarm/monitoring system facility notify the monitoring company.
  • Write down the hotel/resort/flight details and give this information to neighbours, friends or family in event of an emergency
  • Ensure that credit cards/travellers cheques details have been written down separately to where you are carrying then. In the event of theft, you will be able to quickly cancel cards/cheques and have replacements made available.
  • Photograph and catalogue all expensive items, which you are taking on holiday (jewellery/cameras etc). In the event of theft you can quickly achieve payment from an insurance company.

Sergeant Annette Anderson
Neighbourhood Watch Manager
Merton Police
Tel 020 8649 4021
E-mail Annette.Anderson@met.police.uk